Practice Makes Perfect

Basketball is a sport where practice makes perfect. Most good coaches will tell you to shoot at least 500 shots per day while working on your left-hand layups and focusing on taking at least 100 free throws. John Wooden once said “it’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen”. This […]


5 Ways to Improve Your Hockey Skill off the Ice

Off-season training is incredibly important. To be an elite hockey player, you have to train nearly year round, with a few months to rest. Unless you have your rink or a lot of money for a personal trainer that comes with a rink, you likely will do the majority of your training off the ice. […]

Martial Arts

Tips That You Can Use for Self Defense

In today’s setup crime rate has increase over the past few years and streets in big cities and towns are not safe anymore that is why in order to protect yourself we recommend that you learn martial arts in that way you can assure yourself that you can defend yourself if there is anyone who […]