Expert Tips from Professional Basketball Player Kuek Tian Yuan

Basketball is a team sport. It is characterized by players indulging in high-intensity activities like sprinting, jumping, direction changes, and shuffling. This is also the reason physical conditioning of these players is primarily focused on boosting overall muscular strength, agility, aerobic capacity, muscular strength, and power.

Kuek Tian Yuan is an eminent player in the field of basketball. A native of Malaysia, Yuan is a front man with National Basketball Team of Malaysia and KL Dragons. The talented player has been displaying his incredible skills in Kuala Lumpur for over a decade now. He started with football. Presently, he is focusing on basketball, which has turned into his passion.

In 2010, Yuan turned a professional player and scored his first championship with the 2010 NBL League. Later on in the year 2015, Yuan with the KL Dragons head Malaysia to the silver ranking. This was in the FIBA Asia Championship final standings.  He had also prepared well at the Kuala Lumpur 2017 (fourth SEA Games of the player).

This Under Armour-sponsored athlete is presently an integral part of the national team in the Asian Basketball League. He is a brand ambassador for these shoes which he believes are an ideal choice for basketball players as the bounce-back effect makes it easier to play.

According to Yuan, the constant jumping and running put a right amount of pressure on player’s knees, feet, and ankles. He feels that the shoes tend to reduce the impact of these tiring activities on a player’s feet,” he says.

Here are some tips this super talented player has to give to his fans and upcoming players:

Train Like A Pro

One of the best things about Yuan is that he takes training and his game very seriously. The player trains twice a day, five days a week. He hits the gym on Wednesday and Friday mornings to make sure health and strength are not compromised. These gym and training sessions are associated with basketball too so that he works on strength and stamina. Yuan is not a believer in taking too much time off. He thinks that catching up would be very difficult. Also, exercising is a regular thing. He observes a consistent decline in stamina the moment he stops exercising. During holidays, he shoots hoops for maintaining fitness levels.

Health is Wealth

The diet for Yuan on a typical day starts in the morning after training. Then he has his lunch and gets some rest before the next training session. Health is more important for the eminent basketball player. When he is not training, the maximum time is spent with wife and friends. They enjoy going to the movies. Sometimes, they even catch up over a yumcha session. Yuan relaxes his mind by playing video games whenever he gets free time. Gaming is something he lovers. The player believes that it is essential to distract one with things that make them happier especially when under pressure.

Players should Eat a Lot but Burn a Hell Lot!

Yuan follows a strict healthy diet regime. He consumes a diet rich in protein and carbohydrates. He also focuses on right burn amount of calories during his training sessions. Yuan is against consuming junk foods. He restricts his cravings as far as possible. His diet also comprises of a right amount of dairy products such as milk and curd. He also drinks lots of water to keep the body hydrated.

Enjoy a Happier Life

For Yuan, it was very tough to make a successful career out of sports in Malaysia. The dedication towards sports needs time, efforts, and passion. Additionally, it is almost impossible to survive without good money in Malaysia. However, the talented player took the path of passion. He believes that sports can only be possible while one is still young and full of energy. And after crossing a certain age, representing the nation might not be possible through sports. If you want to explore more, visit:

Do what You Love

The player advised his fans and aspiring basketball players against missing an opportunity to do what they love. Most people don’t realize that opportunities are always present around. All they need to do is grab them. It is crucial to work very hard in your chosen field and stay committed to your passion. For Yuan, it took a decade to get to where he is now.